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CHEER Outreach

CHEER defines engagement as a critical piece of our success as scholars and researchers. Our work includes a broad focus on using our research and expertise to improve how communities and organizations understand racism in the United States, its implications on education and health inequity, and how we strengthen the capacity of individuals and systems to address such challenges. We have conducted our work, facilitated community dialogues, and presented our research through various outlets and seek to continue to broaden our scope.  Some of our work includes presentations, partnerships, and facilitated workshops for the following:

  • American Psychological Association

  • Association of Black Psychologist

  • Let's Talk Racism Conference

  • FUSE Corporation

  • Next Generation Academy Charter School

  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation All-Leadership Institute

  • Society for Community Research and Action

  • Student Success Conference, UNC at Chapel Hill

  • The Beautiful Project

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