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Dawn X Henderson,Ph.D.

Dr. Dawn X. Henderson is the co-director of the Collective Health and Education Equity Research (CHEER) collaborative.  


As the co-director of CHEER, I seek to engage in research that examines the role of community and school-based models that promote resilience and psychosocial skill development among Black and Latinx adolescents. My current research examines race-related trauma in the public education system and implications on psychological adjustment, well-being, and coping. I employ qualitative and quantitative methodologies in systems level analysis  in order to improve practices and promote prevention across communities and schools.

An operational definition of racial harassment in U.S. schools

Henderson, D. X., Jones, J., McLeod, K., Lunsford, A., & Metzger, I. (2020). A phenomenological study of racial harassment in school and emotional effects among the retrospective accounts of older Black adolescents. The Urban Review, 52.


Designing culturally responsive intervention models

Henderson, D. X. , DeCuir-Gunby, J., & Gill, V. (2016). “It really takes a village”: A socioecological model of resilience for prevention among economically disadvantaged ethnic minority youth. Journal of Primary Prevention, 37, 469-485. doi: 10.1007/s10935-016-0446-3

Understanding racial trauma in U.S. schools

Henderson, D. X., Walker, L., Barnes, R. R. , Lunsford, A.*, Edwards, C.*, & Clark, C.* (2019). A framework for race-related trauma in the public education system and implications on health for Black youth. Journal of School Health, 89, 926-930.

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