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Anna Lee, Ph.D.

Dr. Anna Lee is the co-director of the Collective Health and Education Equity Research (CHEER) collaborative.  


My research focus is on the impact of structural inequities (i.e., racism, sexism, discrimination and stigma) on health and education outcomes among people of color. Recent projects include examining masculinity, racism and health outcomes among Black males, and examining gendered racism, sexism and advancement of women of color in the academy. My work has been funded by the Minority Male Health Initiative and the National Science Foundation. I publish the results of my work in peer reviewed journals and consistently pursue research grants.

Lee, A. K., Corneille, M. A., & Brandon, D. T. (2019). Masculinity ideology and racism as indicators of obesity risk among Black men. Journal of the National Medical Association, 111(6), 642-647.

Lee, A. K., Corneille, M. A., Hall, N. M., Yancu, C. N., & Myers, M. (2016). The stressors of being young and Black: Cardiovascular health and Black young adults. Psychology & health, 31(5), 578-591.


Corneille, M., Lee, A., Britton, R., & Barker, J. C. (2015). " There’s more to us than this:" A qualitative study of Black young adults’ perceptions of media portrayals of HIV. Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice, 8(4), 5.

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